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Child Buried Alive By Mother For Two Days

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A young mother, Adeola Joseph, that buried her only child alive in her residence in Osogbo, Osun state for two days in 2012, has been jailed for six years. The trial Chief Magistrate, Mr Olusola Aluko, ordered that the 18-year-old mother should serve the jail term with hard labour. Handing down the judgment, the magistrate said the convict who looked unrepentant, did not deserve to live among humans.

He noted: "The convict is callous and may not change from her devilish act as she did not show any remorse. She may do worse if given the opportunity to continue to live amongst human beings. She needs to learn how to live among human beings and not animals." Before her arrest at Ijetu area of the state capital and consequent conviction, she was said to have made several failed attempts in the past to eliminate the two-year-old baby, Fatia Nafiu, who she saw as standing in her way to making it in life.

But the 18-year-old woman who is now an unwilling guest of the Ilesa Prisons, said she had no regrets about her action. It was gathered that the determination to eliminate the baby was her desperation to relocate to Lagos in search of a white-collar job. Her parents were said to have insisted that she moved with the baby but she felt uncomfortable with the idea of combining the task of nursing a baby with gainful employment.

The woman, who was confirmed to be mentally fit by medical doctors during her trial, had lived with the baby for two years. Adeola's first attempt to get rid of baby Fatia was in November, last year, when she allegedly poisoned the food. It was gathered that the second attempt was in December last year, when the young mother dumped the baby by the bank of River Osun but some passers-by rescued the baby and took her to a motherless babies home from where she was later returned to her mother.


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