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Press Statement By Hon. Victoria Hamah – Deputy Communications Minister

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It has become imperative for my personal clarification on the conduct of events at the official launch of the Deloite and Touche Campaign Against Cyber Crime on the 30th of July 2013 in Accra which has attracted several targeted news reports, reviews, discussions and uninformed comments on social and electronic media.

The Campaign Against Cyber Crime is a flagship commitment of Government to upgrade and strengthen cyber security through up-to-date legislative and policy measures with the cooperation of the private sector, civil society and other key industry related stakeholders.

I believe strongly that despite the challenge to present an extempore address, government policy outline on the subject was delivered with detailed and consistent clarity leading to a satisfactory outcome of the programme.

It is unfortunate that such an important matter of Cyber Security would be dwarfed by an unusual development relating to my refusal to present a written address and to provide an explanation to the audience.

Although I admit that perhaps I could have afforded to be more guarded in my reaction, I firmly hold to my deep consideration that the presentation of an unapproved address to me on an official occasion is a serious and intolerable administrative lapse.

I wish to further emphasize on the fact that this lapse occurred outside my direct and immediate responsibility.

It is unfortunate that the whole matter has been extremely sensationalized and employed as a pretext to re-enforce prevailing prejudice on my character and capabilities to the Ghanaian public.

Fortunately, I am glad to state that I am not alien to this development which is deeply rooted in chauvinist, misogynic, ageist and similar reactionary tendencies since entering public life. I will however not be distracted by such media assault in my duties as Deputy Minister of Communications.

I am encouraged by the satisfactory outcome and encouraging fallout of the 30th July Anti-Cyber Crime Campaign launch in Accra and the overall growing prospect of the Communication Sector in relation to the Better Ghana Agenda.

I believe strongly that young men and women in Ghana can not only be encouraged to provide innovative intervention in the governance process but also there is the need for the acceptance that they have the right to participate in the determination of the future of this country.

Issued by Victoria Hamah, Deputy Communications Minister. Accra, 12th August 2013, copyright © Highstreetmail | 2012. All rights reserved.

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