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BBA The Chase: Could it really be Elikem Kumordji

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Big Brother Africa has been off the screens for almost a year now and addict viewers have been hoping it would return soon even as they nurse their cold turkey, but as fate (or rather MNet and Endemol) would have it, the show will be back this Sunday.

Come this Sunday Big Brother Africa will be launched and the show will come alive when multiple award winning musicians from Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa take the centre stage to perform. The big night will also see 28 new housemates being revealed for season 8 of Big Brother Africa reality show dubbed The Chase.

Ghanaians would once again look out for who would be representing the country considering that previous participants have not been able to bring any good fortune for themselves and the country as far as winning the ultimate prize is concerned.

A lot of rumours have been doing the rounds about who will go as is the usual practice. Although we have known for a while that a particular fashion designer was very likely to be representing the country we kept it tight.

However, blogger Ameyaw Debrah wrote last Friday that “The host of GHOne’s E-Talk, Amanda Jissih seemed certain that Ghanaian socialite turned designer, turned actor, Elikem Kumordzi will be representing Ghana this year.”

According to Debrah “Amanda made the claims when she hosted Elikem and the casts of ‘Cheaters’ on her show, Thursday night.

Amanda told Elikem that she had confirmed from strong sources that Elikem would be leaving for South Africa for the show soon. Elikem denied the claims rather unconvincingly, saying that he isn’t the one to rep Ghana although he had auditioned for it.”

So if we work with the theory that it’s Elikem who is representing Ghana then we need to look a bit at who he is and what he does.

According to Elikem’s first fashion pages began to be scripted when he bought his first sewing machine in December 2011. “I set up at home, in my living room. I cleared the place out, and I started work.”

His label Elikem Kumordzie "the tailor" was officially “born” in January 2012. “My logo has a representation of adinkra symbols showing the origin of the clothes. My logo is simple and shows the accessories that a tailor uses in work, so, it explains itself.”

“My siblings and close friends thought I shouldn't combine school work and cloth making, but I did. My first fashion job was for a couple of friends who liked what I was wearing on my birthday in November 2011.”

So unless he is taken out of the list by the producers because of this leakage then the man who will represent this country in the next edition of the Big Brother reality show is Elikem Kumordji “the tailor”. I have encountered him once at the studio of GhOne TV and I think he is a jolly good fellow and a good pick by the producers.

The big question though is whether there will be only one person from Ghana. Considering as there will be 28 contestants from 14 countries we might end up with more than just one housemate however, we may have to wait till Sunday to know if there will be more than one and if there is who it is who will go along with Mr. Kumordji (if he doesn’t get evicted before the show starts).

Whoever represents Ghana would be willing to go beyond where previous contestants such as Sammy B, Kwaku T, Mimi, Ras Wayo, Alex Biney, Confidence, DKB, Mildred Ashong and Keitta Osei. The person(s) would thus be willing to be the first Ghanaian to win the USD300,000 prize money at stake.

Other participating countries this year are: Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Big Brother Africa reality series will be screened live for 91 days, 24/7 on DStv.

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